Oilfield Restraining Solutions

Smith-Blair joint restraints provide a quick and easy way to restrain valves, pipe, bells and fittings for the gas and oilfield businesses. Smith-Blair stringently tests all of its products for these markets to provide levels of strength, durability and efficiency that meet or exceeds suggested industry standards. Next time you need the industry's best brand for a restraining application, specify Smith-Blair.

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MAXI-GRIP® EZ Couplings

Smith-Blair MAXI-GRIP® EZ combines the mechanical strength you've come to expect from Smith-Blair with an evolutionary design that makes installation a snap. With the Maxi-Grip EZ, there are no disassembly, special equipment or time-consuming alignment procedures required. It can be installed in minutes by a single worker with a standard torque wrench.

MAXI-GRIP Class I EZ Seal and Restraint, IPS Pipe - Oilfield - For joining and restraining IPS plain end steel and PE pipes of same outside diameters, 1" thru 12"

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