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Bell Pack Stops Leaking Sewer Force Main in Miami

This project came about as do many of them, in an emergency situation. An Engineered Fabrications Specialist got a call on a Saturday evening from a contractor informing him that a concrete sewer force main had been damaged. This is a massive problem for any city, but it became an even bigger problem because this sewer force main was located in the very densely populated city of Miami, Florida.

As it turns out, the sewer force main was not just leaking into the streets, it was leaking into the Intercoastal Waterways along the coast of Florida.

Our engineers developed the solution, sent drawings to the customer, got the drawings approved and then had our fabrications team come in specifically to work on the 48 inch bell pack all night. After the product was built, it was put on a hot shot to Miami. When it was all said and done, the job took less than 48 hours from the time of the call to the time the bell pack was delivered and installed.

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